Save the date

Mark Your Calendars! On the 9th of October, from 7 p.m., at Hanul lui Manuc (62-64 French Street) there’s a Rustic Feast that you can’t miss. Join us and for one evening, we will take a journey to discover the wonders the South of Romania has to offer. Traditional arts and crafts will greet you at the entrance, while the songs and dances performed by members of our communities will lure you inside the old inn were the feast can begin. It will be a night to remember.

Rustic Feast is an event like no other; it’s a celebration of the PACT Foundation and its old and new friends, partners and supporters, and all people that think that together we can make a difference.

PACT works with work with people living in rural areas and small towns from Southern Romania in order to create structures of civil society which we define as community based organizations and which we sustain to be active, efficient, effective, sustainable and visible in their region. Our vision is that a large number of people living in rural and small urban areas should be active locally, to find solutions to the problems of their communities, to directly contribute to their own economic and social development, and to that of the community they belong to.

At PACT we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to harvest the good deeds of our supporters. Each person that makes a donation is sawing a seed of good that we can harvest and redirect towards the people we work with so that they can reap the benefits and help their communities grow.

A rich crop of good means raising enough money to fund new initiatives such as the 12 projects and start-ups we are currently financing with 40.000 USD in our communities through our main program PACT pentru COMUNITATE.

To encourage donations, throughout the event we will be auctioning wonderful gifts that involve the members of our communities or are related to our activity. To join the harvest, your contribution will consist of the entrance fee which is 100 euro / couple. For early birds the fee is 70 euro, till September 1st. Please rsvp via e-mail at  and be sure to save the date!