About PACT

PACT Foundation contributes to community sustainable development o by encouraging, sustaining and promoting local and regional initiatives, partnerships and social responsibility among people, companies, authorities and public institutions.

We work with people living in rural areas and small towns from Southern Romania in order to create structures of civil society which we define as community based organizations and which we sustain to be active, efficient, effective, sustainable and visible in their region. We create the premises for social and economic welfare in our target communities by encouraging the citizens to develop entrepreneurial abilities and by supporting their initiatives of social entrepreneurship.

Vision: Our vision is that a large number of people living in rural and small urban areas should be active locally, to find solutions to the problems of their communities, to directly contribute to their own economic and social development, and to that of the community they belong to. Thus, through the programmes and projects we develop, we identify people with initiative from small communities in the south of Romania and we support them with resources and information in order to develop relevant projects in their communities.

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