On the 9th of October, from 7 p.m., at Hanul lui Manuc (62-64 French Street) there’s a Rustic Feast that you can’t miss. We will take a journey to discover the wonders the South of Romania has to offer. Traditional arts and crafts will greet you at the entrance, while the songs and dances performed by members of our communities will lure you inside the old inn were the feast can begin.

The idea of the event is to bring together people from the South rural areas where PACT is working with business people, entrepreneurs, expats, people that love traditions and want to be in contact with communities that keep them alive.

At Rustic Feast, on the 9th of October, we will enjoy:

  • Artistic moments featuring members of our communities: singing, dancing etc
  • Corners of traditions: people weaving, making baskets, handmade objects (greeting cards, decorative objects, etc );
  • Silent and all pay auction that will bring traditional goods from our communities and partners in the lives and homes of the participants.

Dress code: something traditional Romanian.

To join the harvest, your contribution will consist of the entrance fee which is 100 euro / couple. For early birds the fee is 70 euro, till September 1st. Please rsvp via e-mail at and be sure to save the date!